For mathematical or quantitative finance consulting, we charge USD$150/hour.

Please contact us to ask for an estimate for your project.


In addition to completing specific projects for you, we also offer retainers. If your firm would benefit from ongoing collaboration with us, please ask about a retainer, which guarantees you a fixed number of hours each week. It could be as little as one hour per week, or as much as 20. A retainer provides your firm with the ongoing assistance of a specialized expert, without the expense of a full-time hire.

The time need not be contiguous, and regular email queries throughout the week are a great way to provide your team with the expertise to keep them moving forward.

This is of tremendous value to firms that do not have the resources for a full time mathematician or mathematical developer, and would otherwise simply not have access to these capabilities.

We believe a cloud-based consulting service like ours provides a far more efficient and flexible way for firms to access staff resources than the restrictiveness of conventional hiring.

Our ethos

At Genius Mathematics Consultants our core ethos is one of efficiency.

This might be because we are mathematicians.

We do not rent office space, we do not require admin staff, and we don’t need to pay off managing directors who don’t do a whole lot.

This allows us to undercut the prices of conventional consulting firms.

Please contact us today for a free quote on your project.

Convenient payment is provided via PayPal. Direct bank deposit is also possible.

All of our staff have PhDs in quantitative fields from top universities. Your project will be undertaken by only the most exceptional and academically gifted PhDs – we do not delegate any work. We are confident our work is as good as any quantitative firm currently operating.