Algorithm Consulting

Our mathematical developers offer algorithm creation services for traders, scientists and engineers in languages like C++ and python.

As the world becomes more technical, computerized and automated, the need for a sophisticated scientific and mathematical algorithm consulting service is growing across a wide range of fields. This is true even in fields like medicine and biology where practitioners often have expertise orthogonal to those of mathematicians. This means an algorithm consulting service can make a novel and invaluable contribution to research and development in almost any field.

With automation booming over the next decade and beyond, many less creative and innovative jobs are set to disappear. Investing in research and development from algorithm experts will ensure that you’re ahead of the curve.

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The ubiquity of vast amounts of data means data-driven algorithms are increasingly being used to inform business decision making and optimize industrial processes and manufacturing.

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How can a company that develops algorithms help science and industry?

  • Data fusion (also known as sensor fusion) algorithms are used by engineers to combine data from multiple and disparate sensors into a single coherent picture
  • Data processing algorithms which perform sophisticated calculations and transformations on data, and can compensate for patchy or noisy data
  • Algorithmic trading can place trades at a speed impossible for a human trader, allowing for high-frequency trading that simultaneously considers a wide range of market signals and executes at exactly the right time
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms are being developed to automate tasks that previously required a human practitioner, and increase efficiency by making predictions that humans aren’t capable of
  • Optimization algorithms are being used to optimize networks and industrial facilities like power stations

Did you know…

  • Mathematical algorithms were used to achieve a 20% reduction in material and labour costs for Australia’s broadband internet network, a saving of hundreds of million of dollars
  • Algorithms have been used to allow wind turbines to dynamically adjust for wind speed, improving efficiency, and predict future wind speed to anticipate future power grid contribution