Algorithmic Trading Consulting Services

Use the power of Mathematics and Statistics to backtest and optimize your trading strategies against historical data.

Automate your trading strategies with C++/python code to interact directly with the exchange

Ask us how our PhD consultants can help you utilize AI and machine learning in your trading strategies.

Do you have an idea for a trading strategy, but want to prove that it will work through backtesting against historical data? Or do you have a successful trading strategy but want to optimize the parameters of the strategy to maximise returns?

Or perhaps you’ve heard about machine learning and would like to find out how you could incorporate it into your trading. Machine learning can be used to trawl through large amounts of data looking for statistically significant signals to use in your trading. It can also be used to determine the optimal way to combine a number of possible signals or ideas into a single algorithm.

We provide cloud-based PhD quant support for traders. We offer trading algorithm development services for equity and FX markets on all major exchanges. We also offer bitcoin and cryptocurrency algorithmic trading services on major exchanges like Binance and Bitmex.

Our consulting services for algorithmic trading include:

  • Backtesting of strategies, strategy optimization and statistical analysis
  • Automating algorithms (trading bots) in languages like C++ and python
  • Applying machine learning techniques like neural networks to trading
  • Processing and analysis of large amounts of data to search for trading signals.
  • Pricing of vanilla and exotic derivatives
  • Mathematical and statistical research projects
  • General quantitative analysis – see our main page Quant Consulting.

Individual traders and smaller financial institutions may lack the quantitative expertise to design or implement trading algorithms, which involves elements of coding, mathematics, statistics and data analysis. Quantitative finance is a field where complex mathematics thrives, so that even sizable firms may wish to undertake projects which are beyond their in-house mathematical expertise. In particular, many firms are interested in dipping their feet into machine learning trading techniques, but lack the necessary internal resources.

Our staff of experienced mathematical researchers can solve sophisticated quantitative problems efficiently, and communicate the results clearly to professionals of all backgrounds. We specialize in advanced mathematical and statistical analysis, and we love a challenge! We can explain and implement the results of sophisticated academic papers and turn them into practical outcomes for your business.

Want to learn more about how cloud-based quant support can supercharge your trading? Contact us today for a frank discussion about the merits of quantitative (or algorithmic) trading.

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