Mathematics Consulting

Could your staff benefit from having a PhD mathematician on standby to chat to or query throughout the week? Our retainer packages are exactly what your firm needs.

Are you a scientist or engineer seeking mathematical modelling, algorithm development or inter-disciplinary collaboration?

You’ve come to the right place.

Our firm offers all kinds of maths and quantitative consulting services including:

  • Mathematical modelling of scientific processes
  • Sensor data analysis and algorithms for automated sensoring technologies and associated scientific applications
  • Designing algorithms and developing mathematical software using languages like c++, python and Matlab which perform sophisticated calculations and transformations on data, and can compensate for data errors and limitations
  • Reading papers in your field which are too mathematical for you to use in your research without help
  • Analysing data using machine learning and other techniques to reveal the relationships it contains

We do all kinds of quantitative research and everything maths and statistics related! Our company is cloud based and we consult worldwide. Learn how you can collaborate with math consultants to propel your business into the 21st century.

This is a great opportunity to discuss your challenges and learn how a team of quantitative PhDs can add value to your business. Simply drop us a message to register your interest.

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Just how do you go about assessing and hiring a mathematician or quant? Read our article on how to hire mathematicians or quants, whether as consultants or freelancers.

Who are we?

We are a team of PhD mathematicians and physicists. We are based on the East coast of Australia, but also have consultants in other countries such as the US. Most of our staff are currently employed either in academia or in the financial services industry.

We started this business because we saw a demand for a high quality math consulting service, and we knew our customers would appreciate the convenience of an online business. Our low expenses allow us to pass those savings directly onto you. Convenient payment is provided via PayPal.

We provide prompt and expert consultation on everything quantitative, but you will certainly find our powerful problem solving skills useful for whatever difficulties you are facing. This is THE place on the web for all mathematical and quantitative services.

We advise on all areas of mathematics

Applied maths, pure maths, statistics, physics – you name it, we’ve got you covered.

We cater to both individuals and corporations, researchers and professionals

The great thing about our math consulting team is how broad and flexible we are. We handle everything from brief consultations to substantial research projects for science and industry.

Assisting researchers

Often researchers or practitioners in non-mathematical fields will encounter mathematical problems that are outside their area of expertise. Our mathematics consulting service is only a few clicks away, and we’re excited about facilitating inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Mathematical research and innovation

Although our core area of expertise is mathematics, we also view ourselves as a research and innovation team. Years of mathematical research has sharpened our problem solving skills. We’re particularly proud of our ability to tackle challenging quantitative problems and produce novel solutions. We’d love to hear from you about any challenges you are facing.

Online efficiency and convenience

Technology has created an independence of location that allows a team like ours to consult businesses anywhere in the world at low cost.

The future is mathematical

The world is more technical than ever before, and is set to become increasingly more so with the advent of mass automation and intelligent machines.  We believe our maths consultancy provides an uncommon but incredibly valuable service to help individuals and businesses overcome their technical difficulties in the twenty first century.

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