The One Hour Plan

Could your firm benefit from PhD mathematics, statistics or algorithm consulting, but you don’t need any big projects completed just at the moment, and just require sporadic quantitative advice and direction?

You could derive a lot of value from the one hour plan.

On this retainer plan you are billed for only one hour per week, yet your staff can tap into the expertise of a PhD mathematician at any time, just by sending an email. You’re entitled to one hour of assistance per week, but it can be spread-out throughout the week.

The cost of US$100 per week is negligible compared to the cost of hiring a full time mathematician, yet you can still benefit from the same expertise. This plan allows professionals like scientists and engineers to super-charge their work with immense mathematical and statistical knowledge, at great convenience and low cost.

And, when larger projects arise requiring mathematics, statistics or algorithms, you already have a working relationship with a mathematician, who is familiar with the nature of your business, and who can carry out the work for you efficiently.

Please mention you are interested in the one hour plan when you contact us.

Retainers for two or more hours per week are also available of course.

You can learn more about our pricing here.