Financial Algorithm Consulting Services

Are you a financial services firm interested in developing algorithms to take your business into the 21st century?

We’re a cloud-based consulting firm who develop custom-built financial algorithms in languages like C++, python and VBA.

What is an algorithm?

Broadly speaking, an algorithm is a process that can be carried out by a computer, usually with efficiency, accuracy and comprehensiveness that cannot be matched by a manual process. Algorithms typically take in a set of inputs or data sources, perform calculations, and output useful business information.

What kinds of financial services firms can benefit from algorithm tech?

Algorithms and automation are now touching all corners of the finance ecosystem including banking, investing, trading and insurance.

What are the benefits of algorithms in finance?

Algorithms allow businesses to

  • Automate calculations and processes so they can be carried out much more quickly and without costly human labour
  • Carry out sophisticated calculations involving large amounts of data from multiple sources that are unmanageable for humans
  • Succeed at time-sensitive applications where human analysis and decision making is too slow, such as trading, and especially high frequency trading of course
  • Provide online calculators to generate customer quotes and assessments on-demand
  • Analyse data to provide valuable business insights and drive decisions

What are the applications of algorithms in finance?

  • Calculating risk
  • Pricing insurance
  • Making investment decisions
  • Trading and execution

A significant example is a volatility smoothing algorithm.

Algorithmic trading

For information and services relating to algorithmic trading, see our main article Algorithmic Trading Consulting Services.

What’s all this about machine learning?

Machine learning, a subcategory of data science, represents an exciting range of techniques where an algorithm can use data to optimize it’s behaviour. This includes:

  • When is the best time to buy/sell stock
  • Which customers are most likely to default on loans or make insurance claims
  • Which transactions should be flagged as suspicious
  • Which economic variables impact profitability

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In fact, financial algorithms are only one of a wide range of quantitative services we provide to the financial services industry. Be sure to check out our main page Quant Consulting.