Machine learning algorithm consulting

Interested in applying machine learning to your business, but not sure where to start?

Having heard about the many spectacular achievements of machine learning and it’s growing adoption, many businesses are keen to use it to gain competitive advantage. And, worried about being left behind if they don’t!

However, despite grand ambitions, the rapid growth of the field means there is a lack of people with the expertise to implement actual working solutions. Many businesses are in the position of having a lot of data, but no idea how they can use it!

Machine learning has been applied to such a diverse set of applications that one can only sample them:

  • Predicting which units are faulty early in a production line rather than late, to reduce wastage
  • Automatic fruit grading, sorting and shelf-life estimation based on attributes like weight, shape, and colour
  • Predicting which machine parts are likely to fail and when, to optimize when machine parts are replaced or scheduled for maintenance. A solution must be found which optimizes how limited maintenance and replacement budget is spent, while also minimizing failure and lost profit due to downtime
  • Optimizing the structure of a network┬áto minimize the probability of failure for a given network cost
  • Automation of human roles in industry and manufacturing
  • Optimizing system configurations based on input like weather data, time of year, order numbers etc.

We’re interested in developing mutually beneficial collaborations with industry. To that end, we’d be interested in helping you explore if and how machine learning can increase profits, reduce wastage, and optimize the efficiency of your business.

Please explore the site to learn more about our algorithm consulting services (we offer general math consulting as well). Then, we’d love to get this conversation started, so please contact us to express your interest!