We don’t want to place ourselves in a box – our projects are custom designed for your specific needs, whatever they are. However, just to give you some ideas, below is a sample of the services we can offer:

  • Data analysis and statistics, including engineering applications of data fusion techniques
  • Machine learning applications and prediction
  • Industrial optimization
  • Mathematical modelling of scientific processes
  • Designing mathematical algorithms¬†¬†(Python, C++, R etc)
  • Proofreading research and mathematical analysis to verify and improve methodology
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration on scientific research projects
  • Financial pricing and risk modelling (operational risk, credit risk, Black-Scholes)
  • Financial model validation
  • Trading algorithms and strategies
  • Explaining mathematical or quantitative ideas to a non-technical audience
  • Any quantitative problem you are having that isn’t listed here!

We value clarity and simplicity, and use more complex methods only where it is justified. However, scientists and engineers may be unaware of some of the industrial applications of mathematics and the lucrative possibilities for R&D. We’re interested in fostering mutually beneficial relationships with industry.