Remote Marketing Job Available – Apply Below

Looking for a 100% remote marketing job, where you can choose your own hours and work from anywhere in the world? Read on…

We’re a consulting business that provides consulting services in mathematical research, computer coding and quantitative finance. We’re an entirely online and remote business, and we offer our services to firms anywhere in the world. Our clients would usually be financial services firms like banks and trading firms, as well as research and technology firms from many industries.

We’re looking for one or more motivated and talented marketers who can find additional short term or long term clients for our services.


  • The job is 100% remote. You can work from home, anywhere in any country in the world.
  • No required hours: choose your own hours of the day when you want to work. You can work full time or part time as you choose.
  • Since clients can come from any country in the world, you’re free to target your marketing efforts anywhere in the world.
  • Pay is entirely commission based, being a percentage of the income your efforts generate. That means you’re paid based on your results, not how many hours you work.


  • If you find a client who pays for 5 hours of consulting work, the pay would be around AU$200.
  • If you find a client who pays for 50 hours of consulting work, your pay would be around AU$1000.


  • Good English language skills to communicate with clients.
  • Organised and motivated.
  • Marketing qualifications or marketing experience is nice to have, but ultimately only the ability to succeed matters.
  • Some ability to explain the basics about the services we offer (mathematics, quantitative finance) will help in order to discuss our services with prospective clients.

It’s up to you what marketing methods you wish to use, whether cold calling/emailing or any other method, and you should be able to formulate your own individual and successful marketing strategy. Note: we’re not looking for someone who can manage a google ads account for us as we’ve found paid digital advertising isn’t a good fit for our relatively niche business.

To express your interest in joining us, please contact us. Tell us a bit about yourself and any marketing qualifications or experience you have. Also, please spend a little time browsing our website to understand the services that we offer, and provide some details about the method and strategies you have in mind for marketing our particular services.